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The park of Cair is located in the municipality of Cair, on Hristijan Todorovski Karpos street, next to the FC Shkupi’s stadium. It is the most visited park in this municipality. It was built between 1929-1930. It extends to 16.209 m2. According to the cadastral survey 2019, there are 31 evergreen trees, 121 deciduous trees,
History and development The City Park was built in the distant 1905, at the order of the Skopje wali Hafiz Mehmed Pasha, during the Ottoman rule of Macedonia. The park extended on the area of 16.000 m2 and was arranged with strict geometric shapes with paths and floral surfaces. It was called ISLAANE after the

Due to the increased risk of local fires, we appeal to all citizens when visiting picnic places and forests to be careful with cigarette butts, outdoor fire, and other activities that can cause unwanted fires. At the same time, we appeal that if you notice a fire to report it immediately to the Fire Brigade