The month of October – International month of raising awareness of breast cancer, this year also was marked in a symbolic way by planting flowers. Embellishing the ribbon-shaped flower in the City Park with a new chrysanthemum flower seedling, the director Ardian Muca and the technical director Igor Veljanoski together with the employees, the members
Landscaping and beautification of the greenery throughout the city continues. Therefore, with the planting of a new seedling of chrysanthemum flowers with circular shapes, the greenery at the new roundabout in the municipality of Cair was also arranged. The three circular rows formed by the flower arrangement as a novelty, pleasantly give freshness to the
In the realized projects of greening the public areas in the city, nowadays we also include  the greenery on  Hristijan Todorovski Karposh boulevard.On an area of 6.608 m2  our teams performed a complete reconstruction of the lawn by planting new grass seeds, and installed  a new system for irrigation with sprinklers. The need for constant
The chrysanthemum with its unique shape is part of the new flower seedlings in the park of Cair. This characteristic flower for this period of the year, together with the violet flower, they already beautified park of  Cair. As a start on planting the new seasonal seedlings the director Ardian Muca also gave his support